SVS PB13 Ultra Piano Gloss Subwoofer

If you are in need of a professional subwoofer that will give you the bang for your buck, the SVS PB13 will deliver. This incredible subwoofer will make you feel like you’re at your own private concert! With all the bells and whistles, you’ll wonder why you haven’t purchased the item sooner.

The SVS PB13 Ultra Piano Gloss subwoofer has all the features that you want in a high-quality product. If your budget is limited, you need to give this beauty a try. This is one of the best subwoofer products available from the well recognized brand SVS. This sub includes:

  • Steel Mesh Grill
  • 13.5 inches Driver Size
  • 14-200Hz Frequency Response
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Low Bass
  • Precise Sound

These are just some of the main features that make this subwoofer worth the two thousand dollars. With this incredible sub you will be able to feel your home shake due to its power. This sub is 22”x20”x27” and weight a hardy 155 pounds. With a 5 year unrestricted warranty you know that you’ll be able to enjoy every second of the sub and never worry about issues. If you want your home theater to stand out and bring power and meaning to all of your movies, music and games, the SVS subwoofer PB13 is for you!